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Green Label Recycling Company is dedicated to reducing America’a dependence on foreign oil and improving environmental stewardship. We provide clean and renewable biodiesel fuel made from used vegetable oil. Our Service areas cover New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts. We are committed to excellence and strive to provide our customers with the highest quality services in the industry. We Buy used vegetable oil and sell biodiesel fuel.

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About Us

waste vegetable oil

We provide a clean, safe and aesthetic container for the disposal of restaurant generated Waste Vegetable Oil. Green Label Recycling is dedicated to the effort of collecting and recycling used cooking oil, and through innovation, hard work and good customer service it is servicing more than 500 accounts including major chains and is growing rapidly to fulfill its goals. Green Label Recycling is currently offering services in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut areas.

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Why Green Label?

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  • We provide free service.
  • We provide free containers.
  • We give your business the attention it needs.
  • We have the latest technology in recycling industry.
  • We provide free pressure cleaning in the area around the container once a year.
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